One click sign in/sign up by Google & Facebook
Apr 08, 2021

Hi! 👋

Good news! Now it's easier than ever to sign in to SweetCV using your Google or Facebook accounts. We have received lots of request to enable this, and now it is ready to go!

Why It Matters

Now you can spend less time signing up for SweetCV account and start creating you resume instantly. Also it's quite often that users might forget their passwords and then can't quickly get back to editing their resumes.

Now we provide a one click registration/login to your account.

Have you already signed up via email?

Not a problem. If it's a Google's email you can just use "Sign in by Google" choosing the same email in the consent screen, so that we can match your profiles and get you in your existing account with all of your resumes & cover letters. The same for Facebook, if your FB email matches the one you used to register you SweetCV account earlier - you're ready to go.

Coming Soon

We're going to extend the supported login providers with LinkedIn very soon, stay tuned for more updates and have a wonderful day! 😉